No power? No Worries!

Briggs & Stratton Home Generator SystemWe rely on electricity more than ever, but is doesn’t take much for power to be disrupted. Even a short power outage leaves you without the comforts we all take for granted.

Take charge of the situation today. We can provide you with a wide range of back-up generator systems. Call today for a consultation to provide you with just the right system for you home or business.

Heavy rains, flooding, wind, tornadoes, and lightning are all common causes of power outages in the spring and summer. Lightning strikes can hit electrical systems causing you to loose power. Lightning can also strike trees, which may fall into power lines,  possibly pulling the meter box away from your home and disrupting service. Lightning can also damage inside wiring and devices. No Power? No Worries. Call today 765-474-0280, at Baker Electric we can provide you wth the right solution right now. 24 hour Emergency Service 7 days a week.